Friday, April 16, 2010

Caramel Rolls


Let me introduce you to my new grandson, Ryder Alan, I nicknamed him the Little Prince....born April 1st!
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Caramel Rolls


I love working with yeast dough. When ever I make sticky buns or cinnamon rolls, I like to use the Potato Bread recipe that I make potato bread with. It's a sweet dough that makes soft, delicious rolls of any kind...not to mention fabulous potato bread!. This time, I made Caramel Rolls. I've never tried them before, but you can bet your buns I'll be making them again! I made the dough up from the recipe here. I have no clue where I got this recipe, but it's the best potato bread I've ever made. These caramel rolls are a combination of recipes, the potato bread recipe, Carol's recipe for the cinnamon filling that gets spread on the dough from her Big Delicious Cinnamon Rolls and the caramel goo comes from a recipe on Mixing Bowl for Sinful Cinnamon Rolls.
After the potato bread dough rose the first time, I rolled it out and spread the cinnamon filling on it.


I love this filling..I use it for every sweet roll recipe I make. I didn't measure how long or wide the dough was when I rolled it out...I just rolled it till it looked good.


I rolled the dough up from the long side jelly roll style.


Cut the roll into slices that were about 1 1/2 inches thick.


Put the slices in the caramel mixture and let them rise again.


They baked up beautifully! This picture is before I flipped them out of the pan. Flip them out as soon as they come from the oven.


Mmmmmmm!!! Caramel Rolls!


Lynda said...

Wow, everything looks delicious! Don't know which I want to make first. I'm always looking for chicken recipes, and the salad looks fresh and yummy. And I can't resist the sweets!

Monica H said...

There's always so much goodness packed into one post and this one doesn't disappoint. Plus we get to see your new grandson- congrats!

PS. I'm so gonna have to try that potato bread someday.

Marie said...

What a beautiful baby little Rhyder is!! How utterly adorable! I just got a new pic of my newest grandson yesterday as well. He's a couple of months old now, born on 30th Jan. These newest goodies of yours look sooooooo delicious Bunny, especially the caramel rolls! Oh my. I think I gained ten pounds just thinking about them! xxoo

♥peachkins♥ said...

what a cutie your grandson is.. love those caramel rolls..

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The Peach Kitchen
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Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Congrats Grandma~ Ryder is beautiful. All the food looks pretty good too! Yum!

grace said...

adorable april fool's day baby!
strawberry salads are a necessity in the spring and summer, and caramel rolls are a necessity ALWAYS. good stuff, ladies!

Mary Aalgaard said...

No foolin' he's a beautiful baby! Kitty mentioned your delicious blog. I'm already tempted!

Bellini Valli said...

Rhyder will be one lucky little boy with such talented auties and friends surrounding him. What a cuite too!!!

Ivy said...

Congratulations for the addition of another member to your family. Little Rhyder is so adorable.
Everything looks delicious and I am always drooling at all these wonderuful creations the three of you make.

Kerstin said...

Awww, he's adorable - congrats! And what a scrumptious meal - I love that chicken!

Ray Cray said...

brand new to this blog, but holy crap, i have never had my mouth water as much as it did seeing the tempting creations you've made. You cook like my mom. and that makes me happy....and hungry!!

Sophie said...

Congrats for your new grand son!! He is a real cuty,..oooy,..yes!

All of these dishes sing to me,..especially the pork & caramel rolls,...ooh yes!

Katy ~ said...

This is just wrong, I want you to know. Wrong wrong wrong. I come here and you temptresses show me all this gorgeous food and expect me just to leave a comment and go on. WRONG, I tell you! I shall be dreaming of these and craving them.

PS Thank you for all the sweet notes that you left me while I was "out sick". Your thoughtfulness at leaving me such sweet notes made a day brighter and cheered my flagging spirits.

Many hugs, dear ladies.

Katy ~ said...

DUH! I also meant to say what a BEAUTIFUL baby Ryder is. Is not not PERFECT or what!! What a precious angel. Best wishes to the family.

Debbie said...

So many delicious recipes! I love your blog because I know I won't just get one new recipe but several! Congrats on your grandon -he is adorable!

WizzyTheStick said...

Jerk spice is so versatile I use it on all meats and seafood. i even do a jerk rice that's great. Wow what a delicious spread and a cutie pie grandson.

Anonymous said...

Caramel rolls!! Yum! DH just loves any kind of cinnamon roll type dessert, so I'll definately have to try that one. The strawberry summer salad would have been a perfect appetizer to my strawberry mousse dessert :-) I never would have thought to put strawberries in a salad! Great, great recipes you guys!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, Bunny! Congratulations! Those caramel rolls looks killer!

Juliana said...

Oh! Everything looks so yummie, the chicken looks so fruity and yet spicy...nice combination of flavors. The rolls look so soft and moist and the pistachio ice cream is one of my favorite flavor of ice cream :-)
Your Little Prince is sure adorable, what a blessing ;-

Barbara Bakes said...

Ryder is just so adorable I just want to eat him up! Everything looks scrumptious, but those caramel rolls look to die for.

Barefoot Belle said...

Oh dear!! All of those recipes look wonderful! How do I choose what to make first?
And what a precious grandson; you are blessed!

Karen said...

Everything looks wonderful! When I was a kid, I always asked for stipachio ice cream. LOL Congrats on your new grandbaby, Ryder - he's cute as a bug! I was blessed with my second granddaughter on April 2!

Recipemom said...

i love pistacio ice cream.
and this look simple to i can make it!

Velva said...

First, congratulations on your new grandson. I know it is like falling in ove all over again.

Your honey spiced chicken dish, pistachio ice cream and caramel rolls- just sinfully delicious. I love it.

Ingrid said...

Your sweet boy is so handsome! God bless him!

As usual everything looks amazing but I have to say I'm really looking forward to that chicken recipe, Carol. I've made several of your previous ones and loved them. This one looks even yummier than those were.

Amanda said...

Oh man! That ice cream, and those caramel rolls, OHHH!!!

Amanda said...

Oh and what a SWEET picture of your grandson!!!

Kittie Howard said...

Congratulations! Ryder is beautiful! Well, tonight we dined on the Caribbean chicken and the spinach/strawberry salad. I did exactly what you said and What A Fabulous Meal! The salad dressing worked beautifully with the strawberries...and a bit of crunch from the pecans, wow! The chicken with the mango on top, YUM! This is one of the best recipes for chicken I've seen in ages...loved the spice (if others don't, then l/2 to l pepper). Thank you!!