Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie
This Blueberry Smoothie makes a delicious breakfast or snack
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Paul and I love smoothies.  They're so easy to make and so good for you! Our favorite is blueberry.  You can substitute any fruit you want or combine fruits with this simple delicious recipe.  I always use frozen berries to make the smoothie nice and thick, just the way we like them.  You can certainly use low fat milk and yogurt to make them healthier.  If the smoothie isn't quite as sweet as you'd like , add pieces of a very ripe banana to sweeten it up or a little sugar.  Since blueberry and lemon are one of my most favorite flavors I'm, going to make the next smoothie with lemon yogurt and blueberries.  As far as smoothies go the sky's the limit so have at it Kids , you'll be glad you did!  Enjoy! 

Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

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Breakfast Blueberry Smoothie

1 cup frozen fruit
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup yogurt ( I use vanilla yogurt)
Sweeten to your liking by adding pieces of ripe banana or sugar if using plain yogurt)

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and mix till incorporated.

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Tehmeena said...

juat a wonderful smoothie.. love to follow you dear.. glad if you follow me back.. you have many of wonderful recipes

Unknown said...

Yum, I love the bright vibrant colours of the smoothie - looks great! Beautiful photography. Keep doing what you do, from one food blogger to another xx

Meal Plannin Maven said...

Just the beautiful color alone has me hooked! As I am a huge smoothie addict, I know I will be whipping up this one very soon!

Bunny said...

Linda there's nothing like the beautiful color of fruit, especially blueberries! This smoothie is my favorite though, I love my blueberries!

KC the Kitchen Chopper said...

I love your idea of sweetening with a bit of ripe banana. #Blueberries are so beautiful and healthful. This #smoothie is on my "to do" list. Oh, and thanks for the link back! :) Much appreciated.