Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nutty Monkey Smoothie

Nutty Monkey Smoothie
What an amazing delicious breakfast smoothie or treat this is!
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I found this little gem on Cabot Creamery.  This is absolutely delicious!  And why wouldn't it be!  Greek Yogurt,bananas,peanut butter and honey along with a little milk and you've got a protein smoothie that not only you, but your whole family will love!  I did make a couple of adaptions.  The recipe calls for ice, I decided to freeze one of the bananas so I wouldn't need it.  I also used regular peanut butter and 2% milk.  The Greek yogurt that I bought was flavored with honey so I didn't have to use the 3 Tablespoons in the recipe.  This is an easy, delicious smoothie that will be sure to please the whole family!  Enjoy!

Nutty Monkey Smoothie

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Nutty Monkey Protein Smoothie
Cabot Creamery
Submitted by Katie Webster

Makes 2 (2-cup) servings

1 cup Cabot 2% Plain Greek-Style Yogurt or Cabot Plain Greek-Style Yogurt ( I used Greek Honey Flavored Yogurt)
1 cup ice ( didn't use)
1/2 cup nonfat milk (I used 2% milk)
2 bananas, peeled and broken in half ( I frozen one of the bananas and omitted the ice)
3 tablespoons unsalted natural peanut butter ( I used regular peanut butter)
3 tablespoons honey ( I omitted the honey because the yogurt was honey flavored)

1. In blender, combine yogurt, ice, milk, bananas, peanut butter and honey; puree on high speed for about 45 seconds or until completely smooth. Serve immediately.

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HeiLin (Heidy McCallum) said...

Wow how wonderful and refreshing looking! I definitely and crushing on this recipe!

Tehmeena said...

very nice i am loving the recipe title ;) after that i had to go through the recipe :) recipe looks just awesome and healthy smoothie

Lauren said...

This breakfast smoothie sounds delicious - I love that you used honey yogurt (one of my favorites!)

JustWatson said...

Hi Bunny! Was wondering if you might know how many calories or fat grams in this? It looks & sounds delicious.

Bunny said...

Good morning Heidy! Thank you for stopping by, this is one terrific smoothie!

Bunny said...

MonuTeena it is a cute name isn't it. And i must say a delicious treat too!

Bunny said...

Good morning Lauren, I loved that too! Thank you for stopping by!

Bunny said...

Monkeypants here is the Nutritional value for the smoothie as for the recipe they made.....
Calories 444
Total Fat 15g
Saturated Fat 4g
Cholesterol 1mg
Sodium 31mg
Carbohydrates 66g
Dietary Fiber 4.5g
Protein 20.5g
Calcium 291mg

Priya Shiva said...

I love the name of the smoothie and looks so refreshing!

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by an linking up at The Weekend Social Link Party Friday on Hope to see you again next week.