Monday, May 5, 2008

Orange White Chocolate Muffins

My husband and I went to the farmers market last weekend,in our little town we have a building that's one the main street that houses produce stands, people selling crafts, baked goods and butcher shops. Out in front of the building on the sidewalk you can also find produce stands with fruit and vegetables fresh from they're fields. It's a great place to be on a brisk saturday morning.  To Read More, Click On The Recipe Title

 We were there getting our fruits and vegetables, My husband is on a navel orange kick. They had beautiful huge sunkist navel oranges that day, well we didn't just walk away with a couple of oranges, we didn't walk away with a bag of oranges, no my husband bought a whole case of oranges . We had to pull the truck up to load them into the back cause we couldn't carry them! I love him to pieces but extreme is his middle name, so after almost a week of him eating 2 or 3 oranges a night while watching tv I still have some left in the fridge. So , what should I do with all these wonderful oranges taking up alot of space in the fridge? Make muffins!! This recipe came from Razzle Dazzle. I loved this recipe the minute I read it. First of all because I love putting yogurt in things that I bake, I love the softness it adds , then the flavor , it sounded so marrying with white chocolate ! This is a very soft orange flavor, that comes from the zest and juice of the orange (which I had plenty of) , now imagine the white chocolate randomly through out the muffin, yeah this is a good muffin, when you taste it it makes you wanna say....mmmm.

Orange White Chocolate Muffins

1 3/4 cups flour

1/2 cup sugar

1 tbs finely shredded orange peel

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

2 beaten eggs

1/2 cup vanilla yogurt

1/2 cup orange juice

1/3 cup butter melted

1/2 cup white baking pieces

Pam muffin pan Mix flour, sugar, orange peel, baking powder, baking soda and salt make a well in the center. Combine eggs, yogurt, orange juice and melted butter. Add all at once to flour mixture, stir just until moistened.Stir in white chocolate. Spoon batter into pan. Bake at 400o for 15 min. Cool on rack in pan 5 min then turn out.
AUTHOR: Sydney

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